Catvinum Wine Club

You like wine, but you’ve probably wondered that very often you are drinking the same type. It is difficult for you to find new wines because you buy them in supermarkets or shops with little turnover and little tendency to bring novelties. We have specialized in finding different and high quality wines from our land, produced by small wineries with a long wine history and characterized by giving the highest quality to their products. As a member of Catvinum you will never have this problem again: you will discover wines from all regions of Catalonia and you will learn much more about your own tastes.You will receive a box with 3 different wines each month, at your home! In addition, 5% discount on store products.

All for only € 34.50 per month (+ transport)

OFFER 100 FIRST MEMBERS € 29.50 per month (+ transport)

What does the box contain?

The box of the Catvinum Wine Club contains 3 wines of exceptional quality with an average of 10 Euros each. In addition, you can expand the information contained in the labels of the bottles with the file that each wine has on our website, which will help you know much more about wines, wineries and your own tastes.
In Catalonia there are 12 Designations of Origin
Discover them all in a magnificent tour of the wines and wineries of our land.

DO Alella
DO Catalunya
DO Conca de Barberà
DO Costers del Segre
DO Empordà
DO Montsant
DO Penedès
DO Pla de Bages
DO Priorat
DO Tarragona
DO Terra Alta
DO Cava

BECOME A MEMBER FOR ONLY € 34.50 (+ transport)

“A good wine is like a good film: it lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in your mouth; it is new in every sip and, as with films, it is born and reborn in every taster ”

Federico Fellini, film director.

Discover wines from small wineries in Catalonia

Become a member and receive at home our box with 3 different wines each month